Claudio de Pizzini, founder and President of PIZZINI S.A., came to Argentina in 1946 as an immigrant from his native Italy. He was only eight years old, but he had the experience of having gone through the hardship of World War II.

His early years in Argentina were difficult and he started to work when he was thirteen years old helping a sign manufacturer. Despite the initial language difficulty, he joined the School of Engineering, at the University of Buenos Aires, when he was sixteen years old. By means of the knowledge acquired, he handmade a set of celluloid set squares for personal use in the subject Technical Drawing.

He soon began to handmake set squares for his classmates. In order to get the celluloid, he had to go with his bike to downtown and upload the celluloid sheets and get back home, where he cut the sheets and made the set squares. With that same bike, he delivered his production to his first stationery clients. Thus, in 1955 the brand "PIZZINI" was born.

We have ventured into new materials, leaving aside the celluloid to use a revolutionary plastic, acrylic. Unlike celluloid, this material is not flammable, it does not degrade over time, it is easily moulded by heat and it is not fragile like glass.

During the 70's, we incorporated a new technology: plastic injection with steel moulds designed and manufactured at the company, thus allowing the manufacturing of products to have their own design. In 1976 we started a strong export campaign, projecting the company to the entire world. From Argentina products were sent to Europe, the United States, and Latin America.

The range of products has been progressively enlarged, incorporating templates, letter stencil rulers, and drawing tables. In 1985 we began manufacturing plastic products for offices. The strict quality achieved over the years as well as the acknowledgment by users have strengthened our brand. This allowed us to develop new carefully-manufactured products to complement national production.

In order to enlarge the range of products offered to our customers, we have designed a wide range of school, office, and writing items, which are manufactured under strict supervision and carry our own design.

Nowadays, we are in constant growth, enlarging our variety of products in such three categories: school, technical drawing, office and writing, proudly offering what has made us stand out for 60 years: reliability.

Professional commitment and the experience acquired make PIZZINI products be part of a legacy involving many generations.